Venue Policy

All CYO Programs

UpdatedFriday March 10, 2017 byCYO Web Admin.

Due to the size of our CYO Program we rely on the following venues, which allow CYO to utilize their facilities.

  • St. Rose Monsignor Hurley Gymnasium
  • Massapequa School District Gymnasiums (all schools)
  • MHS outdoor track
  • Lindenhurst High School (pool)
  • Marjorie Post Park (deck hockey rink)

It is imperative that we abide by the rules and guidelines listed below. Without use of these venues, CYO does not exist.  

Please note: CYO Security personnel are present at all gyms. Alert them if you need assistance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Venue Rules & Guidelines

* Respect venue employees at all times (school custodians, security, etc.).

* Respect CYO security, game officials and coaches enforcing our policies.

* Do NOT enter the schools unless CYO security personnel are present.

* Entering school classrooms and/or offices is strictly prohibited.

 * NO food or drinks (other than water) is permitted in the gyms.

 * Siblings must be accompanied by a non-participating adult and supervised at all times.

 * Do NOT touch what is not yours - Respect venue property and equipment.

    This includes but is not limited to:

  • school artwork and decorations
  • music equipment
  • gym equipment not related to the CYO sport being played 

* No running or roaming through the school.

* No playing on school stage.

* No skateboarding or rollerblading in the schools.

* Keep noise to a minimum; do not dribble basketballs in the school hallways.

* Dispose of all trash when exiting the venue.

* Remember to bring home what you came with (water bottles, jackets, basketballs etc.).

* Report any broken equipment or property damage to CYO security or the school custodian or building supervisor.

* Smoking or possession or consumption of intoxicating substances in or on any of these venues is prohibited.